In Their Own Words.

"I love the art of storytelling and believe that stories are necessary to be able to make sense of the world. I love how movies blend music, literature and art, and can be such visceral and communal experiences."

- Ben Steinbauer, Indiewire
"What we're doing, in juxtaposing and interweaving this fictional stuff with the documentary stuff, puts the audience in a new territory. That was the challenge, but also the beauty of it."

Berndt Mader, Lights Camera Austin

“The Bear are a unique blend between Werner Herzog and Mel Brooks - it’s just as natural for them to find the soul of a story as it is the humor. It says a lot about someone that can walk away from an intense and emotionally invasive project and become lifelong friends with the subject. Rarely do you find that kind of compassion from filmmakers hell bent on capturing the truth.”

- Scott Ballew, Head of Content, Yeti

A Few Trailers.                      

Winnebago Man.

"Absorbing and thought-provoking."


5 Time Champion.

"Quiet, well observed, a bit quirky, regionally distinct and aware of human complexity."

- The New York Times

Slow To Show.

"I am attracted to characters who express themselves in extreme ways. 

I wanted to see how the people at the Tejano Super Car Show pushed their own boundaries of expression, so I pulled together a group of filmmaker friends and drove to Odessa in search of the most intriguing characters we could find."

Ben Steinbauer, The New York Times

Directors. Writers.                


The Bear is an Emmy award-winning full service production company based in Austin, TX.
They are a creative co-op that collaborates with agencies, artists and friends to create inspired original films.