A vibrant integrated campaign with Dentsu, showcasing the color, style and versatility of Uniqlo's new Sports line, featuring ballerina Sonoya Mizuno and tennis phenoms Novak Djokovic and Kei Nishikori.

de Bijenkorf.

Nadav teamed up with choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui to create this beautiful piece, showcasing de Bijenkorf's Autumn & Winter collection.

         "Haunting landscapes, evocative
         nudes, compelling portraits of
         controversial presidents – the unifying
         thread that runs through Kander’s
         richly-varied portfolio is the power to
         suggest something beyond what is

              - British Journal of Photography

Evil Instincts.

Some of modern entertainment's biggest bads are immortalized in Evil Instincts, an integrated piece for GQ featuring quirky and atmospheric short films, as well as provocative imagery in the accompanying "Bad Guys" print campaign.

A View From A Centerfold.

New York Magazine

Former Playboy centerfolds return to the spotlight decades later in Nadav's integrated campaign, blending still photography and motion to create an endearing display of confidence and grace.



In His Own Words.


"When a person sits down or stands in front of me, and I look through a camera, there are things that come to me.

And I see how people react. I also think that our bodies have a memory in a way, and if I ask somebody just to bend forward slightly or look slightly down, I’m almost putting people into positions that they are familiar with. . . . It’s when they feel themselves that the pictures work

- Nadav Kander, The New York Times


Nadav Kander is an internationally renowned photographer, artist and director revered for his portraiture and landscapes. Exhibited in numerous international galleries and museums, his work forms part of the public collection at the National Portrait Gallery and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

His monograph "Yangtze – the Long River" won the prestigious Prix Pictet Award while the 7th Annual Lucie Awards honored Nadav with
their International Photographer of the Year Award. “Yangtze – The Long River” was showcased at Flowers Gallery in a solo exhibition in both New York & London. His latest solo exhibition, "Dust" opened at the Flowers Gallery in September 2014.
His visually striking foray into directing was the virally acclaimed "Evil Instincts" for GQ Magazine featuring leading "bad guys” Benicio Del Toro, Malcolm McDowell and Mark Strong.
Nadav's recent commercial work includes’s chilling Super Bowl PSA “Listen” with Grey NY, Gillette for Grey NY, and Seagate for Havas Worldwide SF.

His advertising clients include Gillette, Mercedes, Rolex, Buchanan's, Absolut, Johnnie Walker, Nike, Levi’s, and BMW.

Kander is represented by Stockland Martel for print assignments.