"I made movies as a kid, little Super 8 movies with my dad’s camera, and went to film school. I always wanted to make movies, and just sort of fell in as an assistant director and producer."

"Pretty quickly I realized, though, that I just liked the process of making films. Whether I was the producer or assistant director or writer, it was all interesting to me as long as it was a story I wanted to be part of telling."

- Gregory Jacobs, Indiewire

"Greg is a master at bringing a team together. Everyone loves to over-deliver for Greg, bringing about the most remarkable vibe on set."

- David Gordon Green, Director

A Few Trailers.

Magic Mike XXL.

Ridiculously entertaining

- The Hollywood Reporter

Red Oaks (Writer/Showrunner).

   "Undeniably charming."

     - The New York Times

The Knick (Executive Producer).

"Beautifully filmed in New York City, The Knick captures a distant era with remarkable fidelity, as if the filmmakers had transported themselves back in time and then let the cameras roll."

- Associated Press


Gregory Jacobs is a film and television director, writer, and producer.  He created, writes, and executive produces the Amazon Studios series Red Oaks, which is in production on its third season, and he executive producesd the critically acclaimed Cinemax series The Knick. Greg directed the horror thriller Wind Chill, starring Emily Blunt for Sony Pictures, and Criminal, starring John C. Reilly and Maggie Gyllenhaal, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Most recently he directed Magic Mike XXL, starring Channing Tatum.

Greg’s producing credits include Edge of Tomorrow,  the HBO hit Behind The Candelabra, for which Greg won the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Movie and the 2014 Golden Globe for Best TV Motion Picture.
As a long time collaborator of Steven Soderbergh’s additional films produced by Greg include Side Effects, Magic Mike, Contagion, The Informant!, The Good German, Full Frontal, Bubble, and Equilibrium, Soderbergh's segment of a trio of short films released together as Eros.

Greg also executive produced Soderbergh’s two-part Spanish-language film Che, Ocean’s Thirteen, Ocean’s Twelve, and Solaris, and he was First Assistant Director on Ocean’s Eleven; the Academy Award-winning Traffic; the Academy Award nominated Erin Brockovich; The Limey; Out of Sight; The Underneath; and King Of The Hill.