Mirror Image.

"What if you can't see the park for the mirrors? The challenge was to make a live action demo of the Ford Focus where it would actually recognize a car park space - and to our relief it did. We built multiple designs in real glass mirror and rearranged them each night.

We cut door panels so the car could see its own reflection, and added to the  complex imagery by having its twin as well as the reflections.  Shot in-camera in a symmetrical courtyard in Spain. Lots of heat - the mirrors set our overhead flags on fire.

- Bruce Hunt

Four Seasons, One Box.

Gillette put my head in a box that recreated a season of harsh conditions on my face... and I made it out alive!

- Leo Messi

"My job was simple: don’t damage the worlds best player. So I tested  it all on my nephew beforehand,  brought my mates from Australia that had done Mad Max: Fury Road to supervise the physical effects and we shot it in camera in a record shoot time - between Leos’ Champions League matches in Barcelona. He really liked the turf slam - wanted us to hit him again."

- Bruce Hunt


"Animal Logic helped us previse the designs for Hyundai, creating scrolls of our icons that the water curtain could print – like a dot matrix printer. But a day before shoot we had some seemingly unresolvable issues  - so we brought out the Canadian inventor, who said your doing things we’ve never done before with this rig. With millsecond adjustments  we were able to run it perfectly."

- Bruce Hunt



Bruce Hunt is a masterful visual effects director and compelling visual storyteller, capable of capturing both epic scale, as well as nuanced moments. Hunt began as an illustrator / designer for a leading animation effects company before moving into live action directing. Bruce’s feature film pedigree includes work as 2nd Unit Director under the Wachowskis’ on their visionary The Matrix and Alex Proyas’ groundbreaking Dark City.

Both films are known for advancing the craft of special effects and Bruce was a key player in the progressive and stunning visuals that define those films.
Bruce also worked as 2nd Unit Director in both Matrix sequels and Baz Luhrman's Australia. His feature directorial debut was The Cave.

Bruce has been named Director of the Year four times in Australia for his spot work and was recently nominated for an Australian Directors Guild Award.